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How to Start a Conversation with Your Muslim Uber Driver

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Your phone pings: Uber is en route and your driver’s name is Farouk. You can react in one of three ways, I suppose. A. “Cool. Wonder where he’s from.” B. “Ah, geesh, another foreign Uber driver.” or C. “Sure hope Farouk keeps his car cleaner than that dope Doug who drove me to the airport last week!” 

A Privilege and an Idea You Probably Haven't Considered

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I can’t seem to get past how amazing an opportunity, how grave a responsibility, this current influx of Afghans presents for us. Maybe you’re already up to your ears in efforts to serve these new comers. Good for you! 

Friends When the World Melts Down

from Shane's Muslim Connect

“What we do in life echoes in eternity.” - Marcus Aurelius

And sometimes bounces back way faster than that! 

Five Things You Can Do For Afghanistan Today

from Shane's Muslim Connect

It’s hard not to keep refreshing my Twitter feed right now, but what good does that really do? Maybe like me, you’re wondering what, if any, good you can do for the tough situation unfolding in Afghanistan.

As we mourn thirteen (at present) fallen U.S. soldiers and five times as many dead Afghans, we cry. But after the tears are done?

"A Muslim Shot and Killed My Friend"

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I wrote in a recent Muslim Connect, “If a Muslim shot someone you loved and that made you mad, I get it. Of course it did.”