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Make the Most of Crazy Days

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Have you ever nailed the timing? Sold the stock at the top? Bought a house when the prices were low? Shown up at Disney Land when you weren’t joined by five states worth of other people? It’s rare, isn’t it? And sweet. 

Quick Follow-Up and Two Cool Ideas

from Shane's Muslim Connect

One Great Way to Connect Homebound Kids with Muslims

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Are you scrambling like me? We’ve got three little kiddos who no longer go to school. While the television’s amazingly good at keeping them occupied, a tiny voice deep in my head says maybe that’s not best for the long haul! (If I’m wrong about that, please let me know!)

Socially Distanced Before it was Cool

from Shane's Muslim Connect

In the mountains of southern Colorado where I live, some people originally moved here to be away from people. Social distancing is their preferred mode of existence, and recent self-quarantine guidelines require no adjustment to their normal life. I’m guessing that’s not the case for you and hope you’re staying healthy and hopeful in the midst of these crazy days. 

Muslim Women Doing What?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Two things that are true about me: I don’t mind a lively debate from time to time, and I’m usually ok with things being a little gray.

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