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Black, American, and Muslim

from Shane's Muslim Connect

What'll We Name the Baby?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Drum roll please. . . For the first time in American history, “Muhammad” is in the top ten of the one hundred most popular baby names in the US! (Tweet this.)

EWI News:

Things Could Get Weird!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

There’s a guy in my small community who spends many of his waking hours walking up and down the highway. This isn’t so much a “hit my fitbit steps goal” as maybe walking out his demons. His face is set, grim, and shows the wear of countless hours of Colorado sun and wind. 

Snuggling and Struggling With the Saudis

from Shane's Muslim Connect

My friend Ali is Saudi Arabian and a great guy. We met when his wife pursued a masters at my alma mater, so I’ve known him a long time. We’re not super close, but we stay in touch. 

Best Christmas Song Ever?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Got a favorite Christmas song? (I bet you also have some you’d rather not hear for another year or ever!) Mine is “Let It Be” by the Beatles. “What? That’s not a Christmas song,” I hear you say. You may be right. But I love that Mary told Gabriel, “Let it be to me according to your word.” I don’t know if she whispered those words of wisdom, but she certainly nailed a good response.