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What Shapes Our Brains?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I so want to think I approach life based on what the Bible and not Facebook says, but I’m not sure the data supports that conviction. The Zuckerberg siren woos me in, and pretty soon I’m all feisty about memes, ideas, and ridiculousness that neither help me nor help me help others. 

This'll be a Kick!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

World Cup 2022 - Nov 21-Dec 15

Got plans for Thanksgiving this year? Let’s spend it in Qatar at the World Cup! For the first time ever, the quadrennial global football/soccer championship will be held in the Arab World. It runs from November 21 until the final match on December 15th. (We don’t have to stay the whole time.)

Why does this matter to us? 

From Where do we Start?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

You Know What's Right With You?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

You can really gut someone by asking, “You know what’s wrong with you?” Especially if you’ve got a ready-made list to lay on them when they shrug in response. For fun, I’ll sometimes queue up a compliment for my wife by asking the opposite, “You know what’s right with you?” Then I’ll pick something from the rather long list of options to share with her. 

Simple, Practical, Beautiful Ramadan Response

from Shane's Muslim Connect