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God at the Hajj

from Shane's Muslim Connect

EWI News:

Fear is a Liar...Usually!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Sometimes we should listen to our fears. They’re talking sense: “Keep eating potato chips at your current rate, you’re going to die early and require an XL casket!” 

Other times, not so much: “If I don’t forward that Facebook post, all of my civil rights will evaporate, and a communist will be elected president!”

Books to Broaden Your Munchkins' Minds

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I wouldn’t trade my Indiana upbringing for anything. Although its homogeneity was only exceeded by its humidity, it profoundly shaped me. Maybe your kids are likewise growing up where everyone is the same color, speaks the same language, and, more or less, serves the same God. Or maybe your neighborhood is changing, getting browner and more diverse in ways that shouldn’t, but do, feel a little scary. 

Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Israel - Oh, My!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

What About the Kids?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

I’m up to my ears in middle school kids this week, deep in the woods of southern Indiana. We have plenty of food and kool-aid, but please send wifi!