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Praying Through Ramadan

prayingmuslimAs Muslims around the world begin a month of fasting today, let's join in praying and looking expectantly to how God will move during this important season.

For a guide on how to pray each day, visit the 30 Days of Prayer website.


The Beauty and Diversity of Muslim Life

What comes to mind when you think of how Muslims live? Hear one Muslim share how living out his faith leads to creative and diverse expression. 4.5 minutes. 

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Christmas for Indonesian Muslims

IndoChristmasThis year we started the Christmas season in a unique way. Instead of our usual celebration - going to a hotel or restaurant packed with believers and decked out with decorations, singing carols, exchanging gifts, and listening to the Christmas stories told year after year - we chose to attend a Christmas party geared toward our Muslim friends in Indonesia.

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Strategic Delay

AfghanKidsLizzy and Billy were preparing to go to Afghanistan as missionaries. Their home church of 100 people in South Carolina loved them very much and were excited to send one of their own, even though they were only able to support them with $50 a month.

Russian Baptists Discover New Paradigm for Muslim Ministry

Moscow MuslimThe Russian Baptist Union (RBU) is a network of more than two thousand churches spread across the Russian Federation. In October of 2014, the EWI team began offering its ministry training course to the RBU’s denominational leaders in Moscow.

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