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God Prepares the Way for EWI Training in Russia

Russian InstructorIn October 2014, the EWI team held a training conference for Russian national instructors, the first ever of its kind. While planning the event, selection of the city for the training was a matter of some debate. Although many factors attracted us to the city we chose, initially we hesitated, concerned that our host church might be indifferent to the question of ministry to Muslims.

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The Beautiful Side of Islam

Islamic art

Most of the images relating to the Muslim world that we see regularly are harsh photos of protests and violence. As an alternative, here are some websites that showcase the more beautiful side of Islamic culture.



Beautiful Mosques Around The World

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Alumnus Influences Community

While sharing the value of Encountering the World of Islam, a pastor tells of how God has already been using the course.

Praying Through Ramadan

Great ways to pray through the season of Ramadan

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Welcoming Visitors

The nations come to our doorstep. How should we respond?