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Should Christians Read the Quran?

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Mary, Baby Jesus, and a Major Misconception

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Her name was Noor. She was curious, compassionate, and smart. She was pursuing on a Phd in math in France, far from her Damascus home. She and my wife, Ann, had talked about family, faith, the growing fear in Syria, and hope for the future. Having asked her a number of questions, Ann backed off a bit and said, “Do you have any questions for me?” 

Who are the Sufis?

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sufisOver 300 Sufi Muslims lost their lives this weekend because other Muslims think they’re doing it wrong. 

EWI News:

There's Something Familiar...

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Children of ISIS

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With the defeat of ISIS in Syria and Iraq comes the death of the caliphate dream. As the smoke clears, we’re beginning to sift through the rubble and look ahead.

As usual, women and children have suffered extraordinarily in this conflict. Here are three sets of kids whose situation remains perilous in a post-ISIS Middle East.