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What Makes A Muslim Love Islam? #1

from Shane's Muslim Connect


Do you, like me, have a tendency to impugn the motives and character of people who think differently from you? If someone favors the New England Patriots over the Denver Broncos, they definitely approve of cheating. If someone dislikes Indian food, they’re a cretin. If they say “irregardless,” they’re illiterate. 

Sadly, for me this often extends to how I think about other Christians and other faiths. Calvinists are rigid. Mormons legalistic. Unitarians adrift. 

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Pray for Your Enemy

from Shane's Muslim Connect

This much is clear: There are people in the world hell-bent on wreaking havoc. Some have earned the label terrorist and some of those direct their terror-inducing energy toward the U.S. 

Jesus is equally clear: “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.”

What's Got Us on Edge?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

A friend texted me an emoji yesterday I didn’t recognize. Turns out it was the “apology” emoji and not the “Geesh, you’re a dope. I’m never talking to you again” emoji as I had imagined. Apparently I’m not real emoji-intuitive. 

I lack intuition in other areas as well, particularly compared to my capacity to assume! It’s way out of balance. 

I want to help people move from apathy, anxiousness, 

and anger regarding Muslims toward love and engagement. This desire makes the big assumption that some people really feel these things. If this is true and we further assume most of us are more or less rational, there must be stuff behind those emotions: data, experience, belief, etc. 

Let's Buy the Ice Cream!

from Shane's Muslim Connect

icecreamYou know what you don’t expect to see at Baskin Robbins in Indianapolis? A Muslim woman buying treats decked out in a full length niqab with only her eyes showing. But that’s just what my friend Hannah saw. Of course the Holy Spirit saw the woman too and promptly whispered to Hannah, “Pay for her ice cream!” Ahhh! Granted, buying ice cream is a little easier than some things the Holy Spirit may have said, but still. 

Islam and Magic

from Shane's Muslim Connect

magicIf your life depended on it, could you pin Burkina Faso on a map of the world? Me neither. Life is so fragile. But I do know its capital is Ouagadougou (because it’s fun to say) and as of yesterday, I now have a friend from there. Although Sama’s family has been Christian for generations, he lives among Muslims. He told me around half of Burkina Faso is Muslim, but not the kind we usually think of. He said they’ve blended their former animism (the belief in supernatural powers that organize and animate the material universe) with more recent Islam. According to the BBC, the country gets along pretty nicely this way. 

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