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Are Muslims Down With Jesus?

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Do you ever get this feeling like I do that Joe Christian and Malik Muslim tend to initially approach each other like a couple of roosters, puffing out, itching for a fight, confident the other guy needs put in his place? 

Partners in Crime, Kingdom, and Beats

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Where Will We Put Them All??

from Shane's Muslim Connect

If you’re new to Muslim Connect or just a little curious, here’s a < 2 min. intro to me that I shot today. Just a little peek behind the curtain.

S.W.I.M. with the New Fishies

from Shane's Muslim Connect

My kiddos took off for their first day of school today. If yours did too, I celebrate with you! You survived the summer! You’re a rock star! 

Death Shapes the Shi'a

from Shane's Muslim Connect

My dentist asked me yesterday if I was looking forward to the kids going back to school. “A little bit,” I confessed. When she said she was sad, I told her, “You’re a better mom than I am!” 

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