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A Blunder Story...One of Many

from Shane's Muslims


A pastor friend and I were sitting in Chick-fil-A in Muncie, Indiana, enjoying our waffle fries and conversation when a worker swung by and kindly asked if we needed anything else. His name tag said Rashid and I guessed he might be from Africa. . . and likely Muslim. 

I asked him where he was from and he said, “Right here in Muncie.” 

Was there the slightest hint of accent there?

Common Ground in the Bible and Qur'an

from Shane's Muslim Connect

Jesus said loving your neighbor is second only to loving God. Most of us need connecting points to get that going. If you’re trying to be neighborly with a Muslim, commonalities between the Bible and Quran might serve as good starting points. 

Halal in the Family: Muslim Comedy Made by Muslims

from Shane's Muslim Connect

halal in the family

My 19-year-old daughter and I had a fun chat driving home today. We batted around a number of current issues, including immigration and kneeling NFL players. We pulled into the driveway before we got to Second Amendment rights! She tends to be more conservative on these issues than I am, while I tend to be, hmmm, balanced, I think you call it!

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Where Can You Find a Muslim? Here's an Idea.

from Shane's Muslim Connect

"Come With Me...and Ask Forgiveness"

from Shane's Muslim Connect