EWI 30th Anniversary Invitation

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On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Encountering the World of Islam, join us in the online class for a special low cost of $249 $99! 

Over the past thirty years, EWI has trained over 40,000 in forty countries and six languages. We are thankful for what God has done and look forward to what lies ahead in the years to come!

Celebrate with us Christ's love for our Muslim neighbors and discover your unique role. 

About the Course
EWI Online is a 12-lesson course featuring expert instructors and an online mentor with experience living among Muslims. Students will complete each lesson's work and assignments at their convenience and discuss the week’s material using discussion forums. Though the course is not self-paced, there are no live online sessions required. See course features

Course Assignments
To complete this course online, students will have weekly assignments, including: textbook readings, downloading and listening to audio or video lectures, and online discussions with other class members. In addition, students  meet a Muslim and visit an Islamic center in their local area and take four quizzes and one final report online. A certificate will be issued for successful course completion.

Software Requirements
To take EWI Online, you will need internet access, a valid email address and the ability to watch streaming lecture videos. Downloading and listening to mp3 files is also an option.

Course Fees
This special invitation to EWI Online is $99.00 and includes a course textbook shipped to you (international shipping requires an additional fee). Electronic version of the textbook is also available (as a Kindle from Amazon). 

Course Dates

  • May 2 - Jul 31

Questions? Contact us at info@encounteringislam.org.

Class Information
Class Details
Monday, May 02nd 2022 to Sunday, July 31st 2022
Class Description: 

12-lesson mentored online class for Encountering the World of Islam.

* Each participant must register individually with a unique email address and user account.

Please note: if you choose an ebook, you will receive a Kindle copy via an email from Amazon.