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World News Briefs: The Flying Pastors of Lesotho

  1. LESOTHO: Flying Pastors Are Spreading the Gospel
  2. CHINA: Street Preacher Released After Being Held Under Surveillance
  3. UNDISCLOSED COUNTRY: The JESUS Film at a Terrorist Training Camp
  4. MUSLIM WORLD: Jesus Appears to an Islamic Scholar in a Dream
  5. MALI: A Prayer for the Syenara People

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LESOTHO: Flying Pastors Are Spreading the Gospel

Source: Mission Network News, July 14, 2021

Christianity in Lesotho, a small landlocked nation in southern Africa, is often blended with folk traditions like ancestor worship or witch doctors. (See related article.)

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has partnered with local pastors for their Lesotho Flying Pastors program [which reaches] people in Lesotho’s remote and mountainous regions for Christ.

MAF pilot Joe Adams says, “There’s a lot of undercurrents and quiet obstacles that are a little hard to see at first, especially for those of us that aren’t from the culture. So that is what’s great about the Flying Pastors ministry. We are sending people who are Basotho, who speak the language, who understand the culture, and they’re able to go out and to get to the heart of the issues very quickly and address the challenges that are faced.”

This is what makes the ministry of local pastors so critical.

“It’s not just an evangelism ministry. It’s also a discipleship ministry,” Adams says. “They’re trying to see self-replicating groups of believers [and] churches that will be able to spread the gospel to their own communities.”

Read the full story or check out the Flying Pastors website to meet some of those involved.

Other news from Africa includes several stories about religious liberty: Five abducted Christians in Mali have been freed (International Christian Concern) and a Nigerian pastor was also released after an eight-month abduction (The Christian Post). From Asia, The Christian Post also reports the acquittal of a Pakistani Catholic couple who were on death row for seven years for allegedly sending blasphemous text messages.

CHINA: Street Preacher Released After Being Held Under Surveillance

Source: International Christian Concern, July 7, 2021

On June 19, Zhejiang Province’s state security officers arrested Chen Wensheng, a Christian from Hengyang City, Hunan province. After transporting him back to Hengyang, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities held Mr. Chen for ten days under residential surveillance at the West Lake Resort.

During his detainment, the Bureau of Ethnic and Religious Affairs leaders and the State Security department interrogated Mr. Chen. They tried to get him to stop preaching the gospel on the streets.

Mr. Chen was released on July 8. Throughout his time detained, CCP security officers communicated with him almost continuously. They told MR. Chen that they knew exactly where he had preached the gospel over the last two decades.

According to China Aid, CCP authorities knew all of the trips Mr. Chen had made in that timeline to different places throughout China, as well as the individuals who had traveled with him. The officers even had documented when Mr. Chen had traveled with four other Christians through numerous countries on their way to Tibet, where they preached the gospel.

In response to this unsettling information, Mr. Chen recently said, “Thank God for the CCP’s thorough knowledge of the fact that I go to different places to preach the gospel. They recounted my record as if they were enumerating the heirlooms of their own family. Authorities also told me that by 2021, I had been to other regions to proclaim the gospel more than 1,000 times.”

Read the full story.

Regarding China, see More Nations Formally Recognizing the Genocide Against Uyghurs in China (Jubilee Campaign), On The Uyghur Genocide (Southern Baptist Convention), Is This China’s Final Solution for the Uyghurs? (Mission Frontiers) and Where Are the Voices of Central Asian and Russian Uyghurs? (Global Voices).

UNDISCLOSED COUNTRY: The JESUS Film at a Terrorist Training Camp

Source: God Reports, June 10, 2021

Every day a “JESUS” film team here begins their ministry with the same prayer. “Holy Spirit, where should we go today?” One day as they walked and prayed, they heard the voices of children. Following the sound, the team entered a compound filled with children and began talking to them about Jesus.

The police heard what they were doing, moved in, and arrested them. Before being hauled away a team member had the presence of mind to quickly turn on a NewLifeBox in his backpack… leaving the backpack behind.

[Later] the team made their way back to the compound to retrieve the backpack. To their amazement hundreds of children were quiet, sitting in groups, eyes fixed on their smartphones, watching something…but what?

As they got closer, their best hope was confirmed: the children were watching the film “JESUS” on their phones. You see, the battery-powered NewLifeBox they left behind creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, inviting anyone looking for a hotspot, and within 150 feet, to watch a film about Jesus.

Later, the team learned that the compound was a training center for the children of wealthy militants.

Read the full story or see the original report from Jesus Film Project.

Showing the JESUS Film to children without their parents knowing may make us squirm, but consider reports that a recent massacre in Burkina Faso was carried out mostly by children, according to the UN and the country’s government. More than 130 people were killed (The Guardian).

MUSLIM WORLD: Jesus Appears to Islamic Scholar in a Dream

Source: Frontiers USA, July 7, 2021

“Do you know anything about Jesus Christ?” asked Ismail, a Muslim stranger standing at Driss’s door.

Ismail explained that Jesus had appeared to him in a dream and instructed him to come to this exact house to learn about Him.

Driss invited him in and told Ismail that he had recently become a follower of Jesus. He wasn’t sure he could answer all of Ismail’s questions. But he would certainly try. Driss felt excited at the chance to try answering Ismail’s questions about Christ.

Then Ismail explained that he was an Islamic scholar, and Driss panicked.

Driss was an uneducated man, and he worried that his answers would sound foolish to the high-status religious leader. The new believer had been studying God’s Word with Joseph, a Frontiers worker. But Driss knew he still had much to learn from the Bible.

“I have a friend who knows more about Jesus than I do,” Driss backpedaled. “He can answer your questions better than I can.” He called Joseph and asked him to come over.

When Joseph arrived, Ismail asked him question after question. Their discussion lasted hours. Ismail kept asking to hear more about Jesus.

Finally, Joseph suggested they finish for the day. Then he said, “But I think you two should meet together and study God’s Word to learn more.”

Again, Driss felt panic rising inside him. “Joseph is sending me to the wolves,” he thought. “I’m a simple man. I’ll certainly fail!”

Read the full story to find out what happened next.

MALI: A Prayer for the Syenara People

Source: Jeff Frazee, via World Venture, June 26, 2021

The Syenara people of Mali are subsistence farmers and animists. Numbering about 200,000 people, they are one of about 30 dialects of the Senoufo people of West Africa are a subgroup of the Senoufo people of West Africa. The Syenara speak to their idols in their own language, but they speak to Allah only in Arabic, which they don’t understand.

Let us ask God to make himself known as the loving father he is, that he might be worshiped rightly in their language, too.

Read about a visit to the Syenara and watch the short (4.5-minute) video, Syenara Prayer, below.

Gotta Get a Passport! Four More Summer Short Shots

Quick, actionable missions ideas and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.

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By Shane Bennett

Does it bug you as it does me when people tell others to do something you’re pretty sure they’re not doing themselves? I bet my kids wonder about this when I tell them to take naps, but I stay awake.

Of course, they’ve no idea how much I’d love to take a nap too!

You know the old saying, “Those can’t do, teach.” Hoping to avoid proving this, I work hard to not ask anyone, including you, to do something I’m not willing to do myself.

But this month, I’m sealing the deal. I’m going to implement each of the following ideas. If it goes well, I’ll write about it. If not, I’ll sweep it under the rug! So here we go. Brief but binding.

1. Get (or renew) your passport! 

I know, you couldn’t have traveled this past year if you wanted to, so why bother? Well, my friends, that ship has sailed. Many ships are sailing again, planes are flying, trains are tracking, and God may be fixing to invite you to go somewhere super cool. Most of the least-loved lands on the planet pretty much insist on a passport to let you in. If you don’t have one, it’s very difficult to obey God if he asks you to go love the people there. 

If you live in the U.S. and want a passport, say for a possible trip with me next spring to reach out to Muslim immigrants in Italy, you may want to get on it. According to the State Department, “Routine service can take up to 18 weeks from the day an application is submitted to the day a new passport is received!” (The exclamation mark at the end of that sentence is mine. The chill State Department felt like a period would suffice. But 18 weeks deserves an exclamation point!)

2. Say thank you.

Few things are as easy, appropriate, and beneficial as saying thank you. 

It blesses people to be thanked. It temporarily lowers your social status relative to another person, but in a healthy way. “I received something I needed from you and I’m grateful.” I think it may even boost your sense of gratitude and happiness. One way to count your blessings is to thank those who brought them into your life. 

Around 100 people support my work financially most months. I’m going to give each of them a personal thank you before another edition of Practical Mobilization hits your inbox.

Got anyone you could thank? Maybe…

  • Thank you for the impact and influence you’ve had on my life.
  • Thank you for your years of hard work that accomplished worthwhile stuff for the kingdom of God.
  • Thank you for looking me in the face and saying you accept me. Jesus was speaking through you then.

By the way, thank you for reading Missions Catalyst. I honestly and deeply appreciate it. 

3. Restart the church missions emphasis.

If your church is getting back together in person, maybe this fall would be a good time to grab some weeks to emphasize a big God’s purposes for a big world. Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Ask for three Sundays, but settle for two.
  • Book a speaker. As gifted as your pastor and others at your church are, there’s something powerful about an outside person talking about things like reaching the unreached. Pro tip: Many speakers have not been speaking much due to COVID. You may want to tell them they have less time than they do, in anticipation of enthusiastic overrun!
  • Design and order a cool, tangible item to give everyone that will connect people to your ongoing mission efforts and remind them to pray. I’m thinking of a stress ball globe with something printed on it that I haven’t come up with yet. You could also go with a bookmark, fridge magnet, or a pen. All solid options. I’d advise against scented putty. Too many ways that’s going to go bad! 

I can guess what you’re thinking: “Hey, if we buy a little doodad for everyone, we won’t have money for the speaker’s honorarium!” Wanna hear a little secret? Having been grounded by COVID, many missions speakers are chomping at the bit so much they’ll speak for free. (On second thought, that might only apply to me!)

Finding a good theme is an early challenge for a missions emphasis time. You want something that builds curiosity and inspires interest and involvement. And it needs to go hand in hand with the giveaway. 

To spark your creativity and entice your involvement, I’m awarding a $25 Amazon card to the person who posts the best theme/giveaway combo for a fall 2021 church missions emphasis. 

Share your best stuff here.

4. Renew a commitment to pray for the world.

You’re probably a better pray-er than me. I lean heavily (inappropriately) toward taking action on my own, rather than praying for God to take action. It’s tough enough to pray for things present right in our own lives. When we toss the net out to include the whole wide world, people we don’t know, places we’ll never visit, it’s a wonder any of us pray for the nations! 

But you don’t have to be very analytical to wonder when, at current rates we’re going to accomplish what God has in mind in terms of gathering his harvest. There’s so much to do, time is of the essence, and it seems like so few are about this work.

So, I’m encouraged to pray. More and better. And invite others to join me. 

A small step any of us—heck, all of us—could take is to set a recurring alarm on our phone at 10.02 am, and when it buzzes take a moment to pray Luke 10.2 as Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

I’m committing to the near-daily journaling of a brief prayer for the nations. I’m also going to invite our elder team to do the Luke 10.2 prayer!

If you have prayer advice for me, I’d love to hear it. Shoot me an email. Maybe you can help spark content for a future Practical Mobilization article.

Grace to you as you both pray and take the action God invites you to take.

See you in August with more summer short shot ideas. 

World News Briefs: Ministry on the Mountaintops

A ministry leader and mountaineer advances the gospel amid the rough terrain of some of Mongolia’s highest peaks (Haggai International).

In This Issue:

  • INDIA: Christians Celebrate First Indian Christian Day
  • BANGLADESH: Minorities Protest Islam Being the State Religion
  • EAST AFRICA: A Novel Media Ministry Boosts a Movement
  • USA: “I Never Expected to Be a Refugee”
  • MONGOLIA: A Ministry on the Mountaintops

Read or share the email edition or scroll down for individual stories.

INDIA: Christians Celebrate First Indian Christian Day

Source: International Christian Concern, July 3, 2021

On July 3, Christians of all denominations in India [celebrated] the first Indian Christian Day. According to the founders of the event, July 3 was chosen because it is traditionally observed as Saint Thomas Day, the day celebrating Saint Thomas the Apostle who came to India in 52 AD and brought the message of Jesus.

“By marking it in 2021, and every year henceforth, we, as followers of Jesus, can preserve our identity within India’s cultural heritage, while uniting with all those who wish to celebrate it, irrespective of language, custom, creed, region, or religion,” the event’s founders claimed.

Father Babu Joseph, a former spokesman for the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, said the initiative will also help Christianity overcome the false narratives spread by Hindu nationalists.

“This is an important step in making Christianity part of Indian history and ethos,” Father Joseph told Asia News. “In light of attempts by some right-wing organizations to create the impression that Christianity is foreign in India, it is necessary to highlight its antiquity in the country.”

Read the full story and visit the website for Indian Christian Day, which adds that the observance launches a decade of celebration leading up to the 2000th anniversary of the earthly ministry of Jesus.

See also results of a Pew Research Center survey that asked 30,000 Indians from six religions about their attitudes toward other religions.

Finally, intercede for the church in neighboring Nepal as they navigate a leadership crisis. The Nepali church has lost more than 130 pastors to COVID-19 during a second wave of the pandemic (Christianity Today).

BANGLADESH: Minorities Protest Islam Being the State Religion

Source: Mission Network News, June 29, 2021

Earlier this month, religious minorities in Bangladesh gathered for the annual Black Day protests. They want Islam to no longer be given the status of state religion, which it has held since 1988.

Christians, Hindus, and Buddhists in the country point out the original constitution still calls Bangladesh a secular state, contradicting the amendment [that declares Islam the state religion]. Ultimately, they want the amendment removed from the constitution. In the meantime, they want a minority commission established to help protect against injustice.

Ask God to give Christians in Bangladesh grace and wisdom. Pray that they would know when to speak up for their rights and when to live quietly.

Read the full story.

Bangladesh is also seeing a huge surge of COVID cases (NPR) with migrant workers recently scrambling to leave Dhaka and return to their villages (South China Morning Post).

See also Pray for COVID-19 Hotspot Nations (INcontext Ministries).

EAST AFRICA: A Novel Media Ministry Boosts a Movement

Source: Mobile Ministry Forum, June 2021

Pedro is a church planter working among the Yao people. They are an unreached people group with three million people living in Mozambique, Malawi, and Tanzania.

Recently, the COVID-19 travel lockdowns have made it difficult for Pedro and his team to reach the remote villages where they had seen God moving powerfully.

Pedro knew that one of the major cell companies was offering [US$8] phones, along with cheap phone lines that gave unlimited talk minutes very inexpensively. He also saw that there were now Bluetooth speakers selling for only US$10-15. What could be done if, in the midst of COVID-19 travel restrictions,  he combined the Discovery Bible Study model with pairs of these low cost phones and speakers, if they could be distributed among widespread villages? 

The results have been amazing. Groups gather at a set time in villages, then Pedro calls their mobile phone. Seated around the phone and speaker, the group can hear Pedro and interact, ask questions, and have fellowship. With this method, Pedro has been able to reach people in villages hundreds of kilometers away. Pedro and his trained movement leaders now use this mobile media package to increase their sphere of ministry. Hundreds of new Yao believers have joined the movement since the pandemic hit their country. In two weeks, 300 people came to the Lord.

Read the full story.

You might also be interested in a case study about digital outreach ministry in several countries of Southern Europe (Media to Movements).

Note that media ministry may be difficult or even illegal in some places. Back to Jerusalem reports that North Korea is cracking down on the use of Chinese-made mobile phones, as the authorities equate international phone communication with espionage. You’ll have to read their story (or another from Daily NK) to learn about a surprising connection to the country’s annual “Struggle Against US Imperialism” month observance.

MONGOLIA: A Ministry on the Mountaintops

Source: Haggai International, July 2021

“And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” – Colossians 3:17

Mongolia boasts some of the highest peaks in the world, and it is also the home of Haggai [ministry] leader Lkhagva-Erdene Namkhaidorj. An extreme mountain climber, Lkhagva-Erdene is no stranger to setting audacious goals and pushing through adversity. When she attended the Haggai Leader Experience in 2017, she realized that her passion for climbing could be woven together with her desire to advance the gospel.

“I have been hiking and climbing mountains since 2012. Before Haggai, I climbed by myself for sheer pleasure. After I came back to Mongolia, I started to contact some mountaineers and hike with them. I wanted to witness through my life and behavior.”

[Now] she has helped equip more than 100 leaders.

Many mountains are considered sacred in Mongolia, and when members of her expedition team asked why Lkhagva-Erdene didn’t participate in their religious rituals, she was able to share the gospel: “As soon as I get to any peak of the mountain, I worship the Creator of the mountain, the living God.”

Read the full story, with pictures.

See also Serving in Rural Mongolia (Pioneers Australia).

USA: “I Never Expected to Be A Refugee”

Source: World Relief, June 10, 2021

I never expected to be a refugee. I joined a university when I was 18 years old, enrolling in the English department at Basra (the Port of Iraq). At the end of my time there, I graduated second in my department. After graduation, I stayed two more years as a researcher’s assistant and then five more years when I was accepted for my master’s in the linguistics program.

I became a professor in 1987 and moved to Baghdad in 1992 to teach undergraduate and postgraduate students of the English Department at Baghdad University College of Education for Women. Life felt almost perfect.

Then, in 2003, the unexpected happened. The United States invaded Iraq. This is when my life would change forever.

In hopes to rebuild my country, I stayed three years after the US military arrived. However, the targeted people were the Iraqi brains. Doctors, professors, scientists and engineers were receiving life threats daily. I knew it was only a matter of time before they reached me.

The full story describes what life was like for Amira when she and her family arrived in the US. See also 8 Things You Should Know About Refugees (free ebook).

Summer Short Shots: Five Quick, Actionable Missions Ideas

If the powers that be just laid another lockdown on you, I’m sorry. Much grace to you. For many of us, though, COVID is loosening its grip. Plus the northern hemisphere is moving headlong into summer.

Since that may mean more time outside and less devoted to email, the next three Practical Mobilization columns will be brief and action-oriented. You’re going to find four to six ideas so good, you’ll be glad you’re reading this instead of fishing, floating in the pool, or playing Frisbee! 

1. Easy Recipe for Cognitive Whiplash

Read a book that details a South Sudanese mom’s experience in a refugee camp while camping, yourself. You just need 1-2 decent tents, a cooler full of yummy food and plenty of water, and a vehicle with sufficient fuel to take you home when you’re ready to stop “roughing it.” In case you’re wondering, the mom in the book was happy to sleep on the ground with her two surviving children, having reached the camp after walking for weeks, dodging militants, and barely staying alive due to a lack of food and water. 

The book is John Grisham’s Sooley and I loved it. A few caveats: It’s also a basketball book. If you hate basketball, you’ll likely want to skim some pages. But hey, we’ve been skimming since high school, right? John Grisham might also be below your literary tastes. And what, after all, does a fantastically rich white guy have to say about the despair and success of Sudanese refugees? 

But I’m thrilled to see Grisham uses his storytelling talent to draw the attention of his vast audience to a situation so gut-wrenching I usually just look away. Read and share this book with your friends who care about refugees and those you’re nudging that way.

2. Get Your Heroes on the Big Screen

Here’s a super simple idea that will help the people at your church know the people your church supports. Ask your missionaries to shoot and send in a 90-second video introducing themselves and their work. All you need is a sincere thank you and one cool story. If they close with an invitation to visit, well, that would rock, too. 

Remember three keywords to make the video better than most.

  • Loud: Make sure the voice is clear and legible.
  • Light: Shoot outside or with plenty of artificial light.
  • Lengthwise: Make sure the video is shot on a phone held sideways. Horizontal will look tons better than vertical on Sunday morning. 

Since video files can get huge, maybe ask them to post them to a Google drive or someplace similar and then share them with you. 

3. Friends for the Fourth

The exploding apex of summer in the U.S. is the Independence Day celebration this weekend. You American? Invite internationals to join your gathering of friends and/or family. Feel a little queasy wondering what to grill and what to say? Check out a recent edition of Muslim Connect for some cooking and conversation tips. 

4. Awaken from COVID Slumber

My boss at Healing Nations said the coolest thing recently: “Let’s help churches awaken from COVID slumber!” Maybe your church isn’t snoozing, but I bet many of your people are ready to ramp up and get going with the Holy Spirit to bring God’s kingdom to bear on the Earth. My church is dreaming about an Alpha Course in the fall and maybe a trip to connect with refugees in Italy next year. If you suspect I’m jazzed about this, you’re right! 

How about your church? Maybe you’ve stayed at full steam ahead or maybe you’re ready to kick it up a notch in the missions department. If you’re a part of a medium-sized church and could use some help in connecting with vetted missions partners for long-term connection, I’d love to chat with you. If your church might be up for giving it everything you’ve got to get boots on the ground among one of the ~450 currently unengaged Muslim people groups, I want to get on a plane, bus, or boat to meet you for coffee. In either case, shoot me a quick email and let’s get cooking! 

5. Ask for the Mic

If you’ve got a missions message burning in you, now may be the time to take a risk and ask if you can share it. I don’t know your church, of course! Maybe this idea is laughable for you! But summer might be the time when your pastor wouldn’t mind a Sunday in the seats. It’s like asking someone out in high school: you won’t know if you don’t ask! If you decide to give it a go, let me know and I’ll pray for you! 

More ideas to come next month.

Tools for Your Mission Mobilization Toolbox

In this edition: Resource Reviews

  1. Website: From a Mobilizer Mom
  2. Book: 40 Days from Genesis to Revelation
  3. Podcast: Mobilizing the Global Church
  4. Book: Women in the Mission of the Church
  5. Upcoming Events: Conferences, Classes, and More

Read or share the email edition or scroll down for individual articles.

Website: From A Mobilizer Mom

Source: MobilizerMom.com

Are you a mission-minded mom? Married to one? Know one?

Our friend Alicia Bennett just launched a new online ministry for parents who want to help their kids grow in global awareness, starting right where they are.

She writes:

“My mission as MobilizerMom is to educate and inspire families to get involved with God and join his heart for reaching the nations by giving families simple and fun ways to learn about God and his world right where they are.

“Whether you are a homeschool family or a traditional schooling family or somewhere in between, any Christian family can find value in what I want to provide: biblical foundations with a missional focus that puts God and his mission first in their lives so that they want to join whatever God is doing in the future. As Christian parents, our greatest desire is to see our children follow Jesus too. Here are some tools to help you do that well.”

Browse the website or join the Facebook community. A series of family devotions linked to the summer Olympics will began July 1.

Visit MobilizerMom.com.

By the way, this fall, our friends at Weave family ministries will release a new resource on parenting with a global vision. We got an advance copy and it looks wonderful. Watch for our review.

Book: 40 Days from Genesis to Revelation

Source: 100 Movements Publishing

Your Part in God’s Story: 40 Days from Genesis to Revelation, by Steve Addison. 100 Movements Publishing, 2021. 289 pages.

“When Jesus rose from the dead, he found disciples who were defeated and disillusioned. Just like us. But in the 40 days between his resurrection and his ascension, Jesus restored and prepared them for their worldwide mission,” says Steve Addison. He points out that biblical perspective comes before a specific commission. This book is an invitation to explore 40 decisive moments from Genesis to Revelation and discover your part in God’s story.

The first 12 lessons are from the Old Testament, and the rest are from the New Testament. This is more of a Bible study, devotional guide, or small group resource than a book meant to be read straight through. The author recommends spending 30 minutes on each study: 10 reading specific passages in the scriptures, 10 reading his reflections, and 10 minutes responding in prayer.

Learn more or get the Kindle edition for US$8.49. You might prefer the paperback, though, since journaling and reflections are a big part of the book design.

Listen to an interview with Steve Addison on the Missionary Mobilization podcast or read another interview in Mission Frontiers, both discussing how and why he wrote the book.

Another resource to check out: Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission has a new YouVersion Bible reading plan to use in mission-trip follow-up efforts. It’s called What Next?

Podcast: Mobilizing the Global Church

Source: Global Mission Mobilization Initiative

How can we help our denominations, churches, and organizations be mobilized and equipped for the Great Commission? That’s the big question the Mission Mobilization Chats podcast addresses. Host Ryan Shaw invites listeners to rethink mission mobilization and redefine it as helping the global church align and engage with its identity as God’s missionary people—rather than focus solely on recruiting international workers.

If you are just getting started as a mission mobilizer or want to grow and strengthen your foundation, these “chats” will help.

Learn more or listen to Mission Mobilization Chats.

Want more than a chat? Consider GMMI’s online Ignite Training Course, July 19 to September 13. There’s no cost, but you must apply by July 12.

Book: Women in the Mission of the Church

Source: Baker Academic

Women in the Mission of the Church: Their Opportunities and Obstacles throughout Christian History, by Leanne M. Dzubinski and Anneke H. Stasson. Baker Academic, 2021. 256 pages.

History buff? In a position to teach or write on the history of mission and ministry? You’ll want this book in your library. It provides a wide-lens view on women in the history of the church, from the early orders of widows, virgins, and deacons to medieval monastic movements and modern missionaries.

With its emphasis on obstacles as well as opportunities, and its exploration of the dynamics that have often erased women’s stories, this book is meant to provoke as well as inspire. It also includes lots of footnotes and a great bibliography so you can go deeper on what interests you.

Get the Kindle edition for US$16.99.

To learn more about women in contemporary mission efforts rather than church ministry in general, try Women in God’s Mission: Accepting the Invitation to Serve and Lead, by Mary Lederleitner (IVP Books).

See also Co-Workers and Co-Leaders: Women and Men Partnering for God’s Work, a new multi-author work from the World Evangelical Alliance, now available as a free downloadable PDF.

Upcoming Events: Conferences, Classes, and More

Source: Missions Catalyst Events Calendar

June 24-26, NAAMC Virtual Experience (online). Provided by the National African American Missions Council; open to all.

July 5 to November 7, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (online). New online classes begin regularly.

July 7, Missionary Care Best Practices (online). Virtual gathering for church mission leaders. Provided by Missio Nexus.

July 8, Doing What Disciples Do (online). Nugget Training on the DMM process from Beyond.

July 8, Rebooting Short-Term Missions (online). Webinar from Sixteen:Fifteen.

July 8, Cultivating Inclusive Body Engagement (online). Greenhouse workshop for church leaders from Pioneers USA.

July 11 to August 14, COMPASS (Palmer Lake, CO, USA). Language and culture acquisition provided by Missionary Training International.

July 12-15, Global Consultation on Arts and Music in Missions (online).

July 12-16, ABIDE re-entry debriefing for global workers (Joplin, MO, USA). These are now held almost once a month by TRAIN International.

July 16-20, New Wilmington Mission Conference (Western Pennsylvania, USA & virtual). Annual, week-long multi-generational mission conference; a tradition for more than 100 years.

July 19 to September 13, Ignite Training Course (online). Provided by the Global Mission Mobilization Initiative.

July 20, Diverse Mobilization (online). Part of The Porch, a series of conversations for mission pastors and mobilizers from the Center for Missionary Mobilization and Retention.

July 26-28, Crisis Management Seminar (Auburn, AL, USA). Provided by Crisis Consulting International.

July 26 to August 7, Second Language Acquisition (Union Mills, NC, USA). Provided regularly by the Center for Intercultural Training.

July 27-28, Support Raising Bootcamp (Rogers, AR, USA). Similar events held throughout the year in various locations by Support Raising Solutions.

July 29, Interrogation Management Workshop (Auburn, AL, USA). Provided by Crisis Consulting International.

July 29, Being Sent Like Jesus (online). Nugget Training on the DMM process from Beyond.

View the complete calendar. Corrections and submissions are welcome.