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A Dream of God’s House | A Church Plant in Poland

  1. Muslim World: A Dream of God’s House
  2. Poland: A Church Plant Grows From the War in Ukraine
  3. Myanmar: Criticism of Buddhism Will be Punished by Law
  4. World: More Than 32 Million Bibles Distributed in 2021
  5. Israel: Municipality Takes Messianic Ministry to Court

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Scenes from a recent service at Anna and Zmicier’s church plant in Warsaw. See the story below (Lausanne Movement).

Muslim World: A Dream of God’s House

Source: Frontiers, August 1, 2022

Rafiq couldn’t keep his hands from trembling as he knocked on the door of his friend Daniel’s home. A few months before, the two had struck up a conversation when Daniel came into Rafiq’s café and shared something he’d read about Jesus that morning.

Daniel, a long-term Frontiers field worker, had become a regular customer and a good friend. They’d had many spiritual discussions, and now Rafiq hoped Daniel could explain the terrifying dream that he’d had the night before. Like many Muslims in his community, Rafiq believed dreams had meanings that could be deciphered.

Daniel greeted Rafiq and welcomed him inside. Rafiq felt a bit shaken as he walked across the tiled floor.

“Is everything alright?” Daniel asked.

“I want to tell you about a dream I had,” Rafiq explained. “I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Daniel took a seat in the living room and gestured for Rafiq to join him. “Tell me about your dream.”

Rafiq took a deep breath. “In my dream, I was going out on a dark night and saw a house full of light and people,” he said. “As I got near the house, I saw a man standing in the doorway, speaking to the people inside. It was you.”

“Really? I was in your dream?” Daniel’s eyes widened. “Then what happened?”

“I tried to get closer so I could go in,” Rafiq continued, “but vicious dogs attacked me, biting me and pulling my clothes with their teeth to stop me from entering.” He shuddered.

Read the full article. Intriguing.

See another story with a dream about God’s house, Filipino Muslim Meets Christ in Dream, Starts House Church (Open Doors).

Also read Why Are Muslims Coming to Know Christ More Than Ever? (Go.Serve.Love.) Pithy and compelling.

Poland: A Church Plant Grows From the War in Ukraine

Source: Lausanne Movement, August 1, 2022

Early one December morning in 2021, Zmicier and Anna Chviedaruk woke to loud knocking and shouting at the door. The Belarusian police⁠ had come.

“It was like in the movies, with armed guys holding shields and guns, shouting ‘Lie on the floor!’” says Zmicier.

The police beat Zmicier, pilfered through their belongings, and took him away. In the car, they used a taser to force him to record a video saying the police were polite to him.

“He was sentenced to 15 days in jail,” says Anna.

An hour after Zmicier was taken away, Anna learned she was pregnant with their first child. It was the beginning of a harrowing months-long journey that would take the couple from Belarus to Ukraine—at the outbreak of war—and finally to Poland.

The full story provides background on the situation in Belarus, includes an interesting snapshot of Zmicier’s experience in prison, and explains how the family ended up planting a multi-ethnic church for Russian-speaking refugees.

Another Lausanne article, this one from 2017, asks, Is God Reviving Europe Through Refugees?

See also Where Evil Abounds in Ukraine, the Church Is the Best Remedy (The Christian Post).

Myanmar: Criticism of Buddhism Will be Punished by Law

Source: International Christian Concern, August 1, 2022

The Burmese military’s Major General Zaw Min Tun spoke at a press conference in Myanmar’s capital city on July 26.

In his address, General Zaw Min Tun promised that any verbal, written, or online post insulting Buddhism will be punished according to law. Flaunting punishment for those who insult the religion is a clear attempt to galvanize religious extremists and nationalists into taking action against civilians.

Since the military’s takeover of Myanmar’s democratic government last February, the military junta has been working closely with Buddhist priests to stomp out civil unrest. The strategy’s effectiveness has fallen flat, however, as Burmese citizens accuse Buddhist priests of encouraging the military to carry out unjust punishment against civilians.

Read the full article.

Also read a story about churches being burned down, destroyed, or restricted from gathering in parts of the country (Open Doors).

From a neighboring country: A Thai Buddhist starts reading the Bible, but how will he respond when what it says collides with his culture? Read Panit’s Story: Challenges of Faith in Southeast Asia (Pioneers-USA).

World: More Than 32 Million Bibles Distributed in 2021

Source: Evangelical Focus, July 19, 2021

The distribution of Bibles slightly increased worldwide in 2021, the United Bible Societies recently reported in a press release.

According to their data, around 32.6 million complete Bible editions were distributed last year, “after the pandemic-related slump in Bible distribution in the previous year,” the situation has stabilized again.

Compared to the previous year (30.9 million copies), this was an increase of 5.5% in 2021.

Furthermore, around 20% of all full Bibles distributed were downloaded from the internet, so that the share of digital Bibles is lower than in the first “corona year” 2020, but is 15% higher than in 2019.

According to the report, the distribution of digital editions “is playing an increasingly important role, especially in crisis regions.”

Read the full story.

You might also be interested in a video-based story about the creation of a New Testament for the Yupik people of St. Lawrence Island in Alaska (Wycliffe Bible Translators; about seven minutes long).

Israel: Municipality Takes Messianic Ministry to Court

Source: Middle East Concern, June 23, 2022

Prayer is requested for a ministry caring for the needy in Sderot, near Gaza, and its associated Messianic congregation as they face two court cases and opposition from ultra-orthodox Jews.

City of Life Ministries (CLM) rents a large space in the industrial area of Sderot for humanitarian work and congregational meetings. In June 2020 CCTV picked up an ultra-orthodox Jew who had illegally entered the building and was using his phone to record videos. CLM reported the incident to the police and made an official complaint. However, at a July 2020 court hearing, the judge treated the intruder leniently, only forbidding him from approaching within 300 meters [of] the building for a one-month period.

Yad L’Achim—a Jewish organization opposed to evangelistic activity—staged a protest outside CLM in August 2020. A chief rabbi also visited the property owners to try to persuade them (unsuccessfully) to cancel the rental agreement. On August 12, 2020, CLM received a letter from the Engineering Department of the municipality summoning pastor Michael Beener for questioning following an “investigation” (though no one from the Engineering Department had actually formally approached CLM to inspect the premises). According to Michael, the questions focused more on CLM’s funding than the building or the humanitarian activities and congregational meetings.

Even though CLM hired an architect and surveyor to check and approve the building’s suitability for the ministry’s purposes, Sderot Municipality has brought two legal cases (against Michael and against CLM) claiming that as a public place of worship they do not meet zoning requirements. The first hearing was scheduled for June 23 but delayed until September 29 to allow the lawyer representing Michael and CLM time to prepare.

Read the full article with prayer points.

The ends of the earth | Inside Xinjiang

Photos used for the 2014 MAF US Calendar

In this edition: Inside Xinjiang, to the ends of the earth with mission aviation, and ways to pray for ultra-orthodox Jews. Image from MAF.

  1. Book: New China Chronicles Book Focuses on Xinjiang
  2. Documentary: Ends of the Earth (with MAF) Now on DVD
  3. Prayer Guide: Ways to Pray for Ultra-Orthodox Jews
  4. Short Takes: Found Around the Web
  5. Events: Helpful Mission-Related Training, Conferences & More

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Book: New China Chronicles Book Focuses on Xinjiang

Source: Asia Harvest / Piquant Editions

Xinjiang: China’s Gateway to the World, by Paul Hattaway. Piquant Editions, 2022. 347 pages.

You may know what is happening to Uyghurs (and others) in the Chinese province of Xinjiang. But you might be surprised to learn more about why this region is significant to the nation, or its rich Christian history going back 1,400 years. It’s quite a story!

The China Chronicles series is an ambitious project to document the advance of Christianity in each province of China, decade by decade, from the time the gospel was introduced to the present day. The primary purpose is to bless and encourage the persecuted church in China. Yet the books are written first in English and are very accessible to a Western audience. Previous books focus on Shandong, Guizhou, Zhejiang, Tibet, and Henan.

This volume, the sixth, includes stories about Nestorian, Catholic, and Swedish mission efforts alongside those of people you may know, like George Hunter, Percy Mather, and the plucky team of CIM women called the Trio. But the focus is just as much on the Chinese missionaries and martyrs. Read the story of the Uyghur Bible and learn about the launch and impact of groups like the Back to Jerusalem Evangelistic Band and the Northwest Spiritual Band in the 1940s and 50s, as well as the ups and downs, breakthroughs and challenges of recent decades. Some of the stories are very sobering and many are inspiring.

Visit the Asia Harvest website to learn more and purchase this volume or others at US$9.99 for Kindle editions or US$18 for the paperbacks. These are great books!

By the end of October, you will be able to get all of them from William Carey Publishing, which has already published the first two at a lower price. So that may be the way to go.

On another note, William Carey has lots of good books, including a new one about mobilizing GenZ for missions. Check it out.

Documentary: Ends of the Earth (with MAF) Now on DVD

Source: Mission Aviation FellowshipImagine flying over breathtaking landscapes only to land on an airstrip hand-dug by local villagers on a remote mountain deep in the jungle. It sounds like an adventure movie, but it’s real life for the pilots of Mission Aviation Fellowship. Ends of the Earth brings viewers face-to-face with hard-to-reach villages, awe-inspiring landscapes, and the incredible people who are willing to risk it all for the sake of sharing Christ’s love.

Production and distribution of this film were much delayed by the pandemic, but it was released in theaters almost a year ago and later made available via streaming. Now you can get it on DVD. Looks like Vision Video has the best price (US$14.99).

Visit the film’s website to watch the trailer, learn more, or purchase.

This beautiful documentary might be a good addition to a mission conference or class or be something to watch with your family or small group.

Prayer Guide: Ways to Pray for Ultra-Orthodox Jews

Source: Jews for Jesus, The Lausanne Movement, and others

Orthodox Jews are one of the most unreached groups in a number of major cities around the world. The Lausanne Movement’s Jewish Evangelism Network, together with other Jewish ministries, has published a free prayer guide designed to mobilize a global movement of intercession for the Orthodox Jewish community (referred to here as the Heredim).

At 49 pages, this informative prayer guide features large pictures and an extensive bibliography along with scripture, stories, and prayer points related to history, culture, daily life, festivals, and more.

It looks like this booklet was designed for print but is only available here as a PDF download. Excerpts might make a good resource for a group prayer meeting, and you could offer the whole guide to those who want more.

Learn more or download the prayer guide.

Short Takes: Found Around the Web

Sources: Various

Missionary Advocate Teams for Local Churches

Advocate teams should provide ongoing presence and intentional care to their missionaries as well as be a voice for them to the church as a whole and to church leaders, says Nathan Sloan.

Read Advocate Teams, the Local Church Caring for Missionaries (Mission Frontiers). This edition includes other articles on missionary-care topics.

Three Ways to Pray for Missionaries

“Prayer is supplying missionaries with essentials for their survival… I’ve found that there are some simple prayer requests that are always applicable and always needed,” says Elliot Clark.

Read Prayer Will Win the Nations (Desiring God).

Talking With Kids About Poverty

Poverty. War. Famine. Disease. These are incredibly complex issues to understand as an adult, let alone for a child. But this era of social media and instant news means our kids are more exposed to these global realities than ever before. How do we tackle these tough conversations?

Read Tips for Talking With Your Kids About Poverty and Other Tough Stuff (World Vision).

Flying With Kids Internationally

Rebecca Hopkins says she now measures her worst nights of sleep against nights flying with kids. But she made a list of tips from friends and her own experience that can help you with those long-haul flights.

Read Flying With Kids Internationally: 25 Tips (Go.Serve.Love.)

Finally, on the Lighter Side…

What are duffling and metapacking? Have you ever suffered from the fortnightlies or bait and glitch, or been seated behind the passenger of imminent domain?

Read Because There Just Aren’t Enough Words to Describe the Overseas Experience, Here Are a Few More for Your Lexicon (A Life Overseas).

Events: Helpful Mission-Related Training, Conferences & More

Source: Missions Catalyst Events Calendar

August 1 to December 4, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (online). New online classes begin regularly. A second online class will be offered from August 15 to December 18. Many in-person classes begin in August as well, though perhaps not at pre-pandemic levels yet.

August 1-5, Cubs to Lions (Dallas, TX, USA). Discipleship for Christians with a Muslim background offered annually by Horizons International.

August 3, From Harlem to the World – the Local Church Mobilized for Global Missions (online). Peer-to-peer event for church leaders from Missio Nexus and Sixteen:Fifteen.

August 9 to September 4, Equipping for Cross-Cultural Life and Ministry (Union Mills, NC, USA). Provided regularly by the Center for Intercultural Training.

August 11, Mobilizing Children and Families (online). Free webinar from Sixteen:Fifteen and Weave Family Ministries.

August 16, Contend: Monthly Day of Prayer For Mission Mobilization (global). Coordinated by GMMI and held the third Tuesday of each month. 

August 17-29, Field Security Seminar (Lake George, CO, USA). Prepare to live, work, and travel in high-risk environments. Offered by Crisis Consulting International. Also offered August 22-25.

August 18, Communications and the Mission of God: Aligning Organizational Communications with God’s Purposes (online). Webinar from Missio Nexus.

August 24 to October 5, Intro to Mobilization (online). Join Frontiers USA for a seven-week cohort exploring mobilization and ways to mobilize in your own context. Great idea!

August 25, Debriefing Short-Term Missions (online). Webinar from Sixteen:Fifteen and SOE.

August 26, A New Word: Redeploying Returning Missionaries Among Diaspora People (online). Webinar from Missio Nexus.

August 29 to September 11, ORIENT pre-field training for global workers (Eminence, MO, USA). Provided regularly by TRAIN International.

View the complete calendar, updated regularly. We welcome submissions.

Persecutors of the Year, A Kenyan Conversion & More

  1. World: “Persecutor of the Year” Awards for 2022
  2. Crimea: Muslims and Christians Prosecuted Under Russian Anti-Missionary Law
  3. Taiwan: Influence of a Chinese Christian Pop Star Going Viral
  4. Kenya: Demon-Possessed Man Bursts Into Prayer Meeting, Confesses to Killings
  5. Pakistan: Christian Man Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy
  6. Data: Only 3 Percent of Christian Missionaries Focus on the Unreached

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Prompted by a series of murders of children and young women, Kenyan Christians and community leaders were praying for safety when a young man burst in and confessed to raping and killing six young women (Christian Aid Mission).

World: “Persecutor of the Year” Awards for 2022

Source: International Christian Concern, June 2022

ICC’s team of Washington DC-based analysts spends thousands of hours annually reporting on and analyzing reports from overseas staff and sources. Throughout the year, they also develop in-depth reports on countries with the worst religious freedom records.

This year, ICC has compiled a comprehensive publication of the world’s worst persecutors. This effort is to bring to light what our persecuted brothers and sisters experience in the dark and to shed light on the suffering they endure to live out the faith they have chosen.

No matter your position or playing field, we hope you use this report and information to support the cause of religious freedom.

See who “won,” watch a video presentation, and/or download the complete report (registration required). Much to pray about here.

Crimea: Muslims and Christians Prosecuted Under Russian Anti-Missionary Law

Source: Forum 18, July 5, 2022

On June 16, Dzhankoi District Court in Russian-occupied Crimea rejected Emir Medzhitov’s appeal against a fine of three weeks’ average local wages for leading Friday prayers in a mosque. His public defender Aider Suleimanov insisted that the prosecution had not proved that Medzhitov had conducted the “missionary activity” for which he was punished. “It turns out that Emir was punished simply for conducting communal prayers,” Suleimanov complained.

Dzhankoi District Prosecutor’s Office official Natalya Tishchenko—who led the case in court—put the phone down when Forum 18 asked why the Prosecutor’s Office had opened a case against Medzhitov at the instigation of Russia’s FSB security service and why he had been prosecuted and punished for exercising freedom of religion or belief.

The full article describes cases affecting both Muslims and Christians persecuted under the Russian law against missionary activity.

Note that the political status of Crimea is disputed.

Elsewhere, in historically tolerant Switzerland, evangelical churches are appealing a ruling against conducting baptisms on Lake Geneva’s public beaches (Evangelical Focus).

Taiwan: Influence of a Chinese Christian Pop Star Going Viral

Source: Back to Jerusalem, July 11, 2022

Non-Mandarin speakers might not know him as well, but mention the name Jay Chou anywhere in the Chinese world and they are certain to know exactly who he is. Jay Chou is a Chinese singer who has been dubbed “King of Mandopop” and has been shaping the world of Chinese music for years.

At the age of 33, Jay accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior and was baptized in 2012. Now, as an evangelical Christian, his influence is having a massive impact on how an entire generation of Chinese see Christians.

Last week, Jay released a new video called “Greatest Works of Art” on YouTube and immediately garnered 9 million views in just two days.

The viral reception on YouTube is only a small part of the story. YouTube is blocked in China, so most Chinese viewers are not able to see it on that platform. It went even more viral on Chinese platforms, with the hashtag for the album viewed more than 420 million times on Chinese social media and the video gaining 130 million views on Weibo and 14 million views on the streaming platform Bilibili.

Read the full article. Want to watch the music video? Here you go. It’s set in Paris, performed in Mandarin, and subtitled in English.

Pakistan: Christian Man Sentenced to Death for Blasphemy

Source: Voice of the Martyrs, July 13, 2022

A court in Pakistan has sentenced a Christian man to death for blasphemy.

Ashfaq Masih was accused of blasphemy in 2017 after allegedly saying that Jesus Christ was the only true prophet.

In court, he said he was innocent of the charges and that the case against him was “baseless, false and frivolous.” He also claimed that the accusation was made by a rival in an attempt to destroy his motorbike repair business and have him evicted from the property.

His older brother, Mehmood Masih, said the judgment reduced the whole family to tears and that it feels like “the end of the world” for them.

This is the second time in the space of a month that a death sentence has been handed down for blasphemy.

Read the full article or see a report from Jubilee Campaign.

See also The Politics of Blasphemy, a response to a case in Nigeria (Foreign Exchanges).

Kenya: Demon-Possessed Man Bursts Into Prayer Meeting, Confesses to Killings

Source: Christian Aid Mission, June 23, 2022

Church members and community leaders had gathered for prayer following a series of murders in their town in western Kenya when a young man burst in and confessed to raping and killing six young women.

The gathering was part of a three-day prayer event called in response to violence against young women and children.

“As the prayer was going on, this 29-year-old man ran into the meeting and started confessing all the past killings of the six girls that he had killed in the maize plantations,” said the native ministry leader who organized the event. “This man was so confused and possessed by demons, and as we prayed for him, he cried and groaned in pain.”

The local missionaries prayed for deliverance and salvation as the commotion drew more people to the meeting tent—including some bent on lynching the killer and burning his body, the leader said.

“This man was so confused and possessed by demons, and as we prayed for him, he cried and groaned in pain.”

“We called the police, who arrested him for interrogation to find more of his friends who had been committing the killings,” he said. “This man was charged in court, and in court he confessed Christ, saying that he will not kill again and now is born again.”

In the following months, the attacks on young women and children that had terrorized the town came to a stop.

Read the full article. It includes several more stories of transformation.

World: Only 3 Percent of Christian Missionaries Focus on the Unreached

Source: Christian Headlines, July 5, 2022

According to The Traveling Team data cited by global evangelism ministry East-West, there are about 400,000 Christian missionaries worldwide. Among them, only 3.3 percent are focused on unreached people groups, otherwise identified as UPGs.

“When we say unreached, we’re not just talking about lostness; we’re talking about access. Unreached means that they don’t even have access to hear the gospel. There’s no church, no Christian, no Bible available … God has not just commanded us to make the gospel known among as many people as possible. He has commanded us to make the gospel known among all the peoples,” said pastor David Platt of McClean Bible Church in Washington DC, according to a blog posted to East-West’s website.

The Joshua Project, an organization that tracks evangelism efforts across the globe, states that people groups are categorized as unreached when less than 2 percent of those identify as evangelical Christian and less than 5 percent adhere to any form of Christianity.

While the earth currently has a population of over 7.7 billion people, about 3.2 billion are labeled unreached or least reached.

According to East-West, there are over 700,000 people groups, about 41.7 percent of the total population, labeled unreached.

The ministry also cited multiple reasons as to why these people groups remain unreached, such as physical, political, and cultural barriers.

Read the full article and/or a related article (Christian Post).

These claims and similar ones have been passed around for a while; do you find them helpful?

A few updates: The number of full-time foreign missionaries has increased to about 435,000 (per World Christian Database), plus a much higher number of national workers and who knows how many others could reasonably be counted as “laborers in the harvest.” We’ve not seen a good estimate for the number of tentmakers/BAM practitioners. Any idea? Let us know. Think the percentage focused on unreached would be the same? It may be difficult to measure.

A recent UN report projects world population will reach 8 billion in a few months. That report also says India is on course to surpass China as the most populous nation sometime in 2023. India is home to a larger unreached population than any other country (per Joshua Project). China’s in the top five, too, following Pakistan, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. Of course, unreached people are found in nearly every country—probably including the one you live in.

How to Inspire God’s People for Their Global Destiny

Part 1, First Inspire Yourself Bevin Ginder, GlobalCAST Resources

If you see yourself as a mission advocate or mobilizer, you may sometimes feel as if people just don’t care about missions. And that all we can do is to really push and try to get them to care.

What about a more positive approach? I like to think of it as trying to inspire people: to help them feel they want to do something and can do it. Of inviting them into the process of finding God’s heart and engaging with it. Inspiring people is something we can do together with God. That idea guides my team in how we think and talk about mission and how we approach mission mobilization.

And perhaps that’s what’s happening in Habakkuk 1:5.

“Look at the nations and watch—and be utterly amazed.
For I am going to do something in your days
that you would not believe, even if you were told.”

I love that! Watch. Be inspired. God is preparing an amazing harvest. And that includes our days as well. There is so much we can learn right now to be poised and ready for the incredible fruitfulness that’s coming and is even happening right now!

The Ministry of Mobilization

Consider this definition from Wes Tullis:

“Mobilization is the process of envisioning and educating God’s people about his strategic plans for the world, and it is the means to keep people involved and moving forward until they find their specific place and role in world evangelization.”

I like this definition because it talks about mobilization as a process. Events are important, but people usually need to hear about something many times and have somebody coach them and mentor them to take the next step, and the next step, and the next step. They keep growing and understanding more and more as they keep taking steps. It’s a process.

And I also love this definition because it says, “find their specific place.” It’s not saying that everybody will be a cross-cultural missionary. God bless those who are called to that. We need them, and so many more. But every believer has a part to play in the Great Commission. We need the whole Church to bring the whole gospel to the whole world!

What Is a Mobilizer?

Mobilizers are those who channel key resources, training, or vision for world evangelization to the Body of Christ. Many people are called to give, go, pray, and welcome the nations that are coming to their cities. But the mobilizer is the leader who’s saying, “Hey, everybody has a part to play. What is your part? I will help you get there, get you training and resources.”

Mobilizers serve people in every other role in the Great Commission, so we want to see a lot more mobilizers. That includes mobilizers in the Global South, the non-Western world, including Asia, Africa, and Latin America. God is transforming places that only received missionaries into places that send missionaries!

First Inspire Yourself

If to mobilize is to inspire, we need to start with ourselves, because people don’t just listen to what we say, they watch our lives. What they catch from you is not just your teaching, it’s your passion. So you need that passion and enthusiasm strong and fresh because that’s what people catch even more than the words you say.

As mobilizers, we need to find ways to stoke the fires in our souls when we run out of passion. Here are a couple of practical ways to do that.

1. Connect With God

God is the source of everything we need. You could be thinking, oh yes, of course, I know this, it’s so basic! But brothers and sisters, we cannot grow beyond this. We cannot leave behind the essential foundational. We need to connect with God as our source of life. God will…

  • Re-stoke our fires: If we connect with God, He will be faithful to “re-stoke” our fires. The Bible says very clearly, “they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint” (Isaiah 40:31). This comes from spending time with God and waiting on him.
  • Give us his perspective: As we connect with God, he will give us his perspective on the Bride of Christ, on the Church. When we are frustrated or disappointed, we can come to Jesus and say, “I know you love your Bride. Can you please give me your perspective on her? Help me love her again.”
  • Give us his heart: God loves the lost more than we ever will. As we spend time with God, He will give us some of His heart, like a burden for an unreached people group that is natural and from Him and not just something we work up. There are also so many things we could and should be doing in missions. He can give us wisdom as to the next step we should take.
  • Remind us who we are: God will remind us of our identity in Jesus, which is so much deeper and more essential to who we are than being a missionary, a mobilizer, or any of the other roles we accept. When our identity in Christ is solid, we can run the long race.
2. Connect With Others

Another thing that keeps us inspired is to connect with people who have similar passions. Then we realize we are not alone. We can also share what’s working and what we’re struggling with. We can pray for each other and encourage each other. That coming together is so crucial, life-giving, and inspiring.

3. Get Coaching

Along the same lines, it helps to find a mentor or a coach. Often we don’t need to be told what to do. We don’t need more information. We just need somebody who can draw out the wisdom that is already in us and help us to figure out the next step, and then check in and say, “how did it go?” and keep us moving.

4. Do First, Then Teach

The reason I keep fighting for mobilizers to inspire themselves, first, is because of this principle: do first, then teach. Whatever we are doing and living, that’s what people are going to pick up on, in the same way that a child watches their parents.

What Do You Want to See Happen?

Now think about your community, your family, team, church, or organization. What might it look like if they were more fully engaged in God’s mission? What would you like to see in them? Here are a few ideas.

  • Praying fervently: I don’t know about you, but I would like to see people pray fervently and specifically for the unreached. How about me? How am I doing with that? Am I praying, fervently and specifically? If I’m not living it, modeling it, I have little to no authority to challenge and inspire others to do that. We have to live it first.
  • Giving generously: I want to see people give generously and even sacrificially to frontier mission efforts. So how are you doing with that? How am I doing with that? If we are not tithing, if we are not giving sacrificially, we have little or no authority to challenge others to give in those ways.
  • Living as learners: We want to see people who are open to new ideas—life-long learners. How are we doing? Can we inspire others in this area? Be a learner. If we want to see people recognize what God is doing in the world, understanding his mission and the task remaining, we, too, should be growing in our understanding of the world and passing on what we learn.
  • Willing to go: We would love to see in our communities a willingness to go and serve locally and globally. That may mean that we need to regularly ask ourselves, am I willing to go? Am I serving those God is calling me to serve?
  • Spending time with the lost: And of course, we want to see people who have a love for the lost and are willing to spend time with people who don’t know Jesus. So, let’s check our own lives and say, how am I doing with that? To whatever degree I am living that out, I have more authority to invite and inspire others to do the same.
The Story of Jen and Joe

Jen and Joe are a Latin American couple who came to a mobilization workshop and really got it. They went home and got their whole church starting to pray for and give to an unreached people group in Africa. Things were going so well! It was super encouraging!

Then there was a misunderstanding that really set them back and disappointed them.

I was so encouraged to see them go back to God and say, “God, help us love our community and forgive and release them.” They also had access to other mission mobilizers who were able to encourage and mentor them. And that allowed them to keep going.

Recently, Joe was able to go to that unreached people group in Africa with resources and bring back fresh stories about what God is doing there. After that, more communities in their country started to pray and give and go.

Going Further

Could you use some training (or inspiration) as a mission advocate or mobilizer? GlobalCAST Resources will be offering an eight-week, online missions advocacy course from September 5 to October 28.

Learn more or register through YWAM’s University of the Nations.

This article was adapted from a video presentation you can find on the GlobalCAST Resources website. See Inspire Yourself First!

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.